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Reel Big Deal 18" Hose Reel

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The "REEL BIG DEAL" from Southeast Softwash is a rock solid, 18" hose reel, perfect for all things washing. It's larger capacity means it'll hold more hose, and more is always better. The 316 Stainless fully welded internal manifold boasts a 3/4" internal diameter for higher flow rates. Full frame design, with welded corners means rock solid reliability. The stainless pillow block, greasable bearings are overkill, but hey why not do it right? Stainless locking pin, and rubber brake complete the ensemble. These Reels come with our super tough SKUNK SWIVEL! We suggest adding an additional swivel as a backup, its always good to have a spare.

If you are running a high-flow system, grab yourself one of these, you'll be glad you did!

316 Stainless Steel Welded Internal Manifold
Aluminum Frame Construction
Stainless Heavy Duty Bearings with Grease Fittings
Heavy Duty Handle
This is a stout Pressure Washer Hose Reel
We also use on our softwash rigs for a Soft Washing Hose Reel
Skunk Swivel included! We suggest adding an additional swivel as a backup, its always good to have a spare.

Maintenance: It is recommended to grease bearings monthly depending on usage. Our long lasting, locking pin springs can develop surface rust and should be treated with a lubricant such as WD-40.

Width: 23 1/2"

Depth: 13 3/4"

Height: 18"

Reel capacity

325' capacity for 1/2" hose

225' capacity for 5/8" hose
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