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Blend Manifold Block - 1"

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In stock
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For use with any Softwash system up to 1 inch capability. Metering Valves & Fittings (Not Included)

*This is the exact plastic mixing block we use on our Soft Wash systems.

  • 1" drilled and tapped ports means you can use this block with any GPM setup. Simply use reducer bushings if you are running smaller plumbing.
  • Removes 4 potential leak points by not using a Banjo T Fitting.
  • Ships Pre-Drilled & Pre-Tapped For Easy Installation Of Fittings
  • For 12v 5-7 gpm Pumps, 24volt systems, Booster pumps, Air diaphragm, or even a gas powered pump. (has a bypass port on one end)
  • Fittings Not Included

Plastic will not rust so this is excellent product on your DIY blend manifold or softwash rig.

Will take 1" NPT threaded fittings (not included) - make sure you add some Trublue to the cart so you can seal the threads.

*(This Item includes 1 Plastic Mixing Block For Use With 1 Inch Fittings, it does not include anything else but the manifold block.)

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